Toronto Integrative Animal Health

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Our clinic offers a full range of services including preventive care, surgery and dentistry. Holistic veterinary services for pets include TuiNa, Herbal Therapy, Acupuncture and Regenerative Therapies.

We offer a complete range of holistic and conventional therapeutic options.

Wellness and Preventive Care
Herbal, Botanical and Nutritional Therapy
Diagnostic Services, Vaccine Titers, Dentistry and Surgery.
Acupuncture, TuiNa, Massage, Hospice and Cancer Care.

About Toronto Integrative Animal Health

Dr S photo
Dr. Rona Sherebrin, DVM, CVA, FACVBM  Toronto, ON

A veterinarian passionate about integrative care, Dr Sherebrin created Toronto Integrative Animal Health in order to offer a full range of therapeutic and diagnostic services to her patients in a holistic care setting.

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